Infant Aquatics

✓ Enjoy the lesson in the closeness of familiar arms

✓ Become gradually more independent and capable in the water

✓ Learn skills such as breath control (blowing bubbles)

✓ Assisted floatation leading towards independent flotation on front and back

✓ Simple movement through the water

✓ Preparation for accidental immersion and recovery (jump in and get back to the edge)

6 months - 36 months

Multi level programs available.

Our Infant Aquatics Program includes 4 distinct levels based around age groups of children under 3 years of age. Activities within in each level are designed to enhance the ongoing learning of every student according to the specific needs of each age group to progressively build awareness confidence and skill over time.

Lessons include a range of drills and activities such as reaching, kicking, floating on the back, introduction to breath control, blowing bubbles and opening eyes under water. The use of buoyancy aids, hoops, nursery rhymes, balls and mats help keep the children’s attention while teaching the skills they need to be safe and confident around the water. Each level will have a group size of around 8 children.

Children that participate in our Infant Aquatic program will have a distinct benefit as they transition into lessons where they learn to swim independently.