Learn to Swim

✓ Fantastic Facility

✓ Qualified Teachers

✓ Small class sizes

✓ Innovative Programs Based on Technique

✓ Professional on-deck Program Management

✓ Positive and Enjoyable Experiences

SwimRight is a well-established Learn to Swim operation that has been providing quality swimming programs for 20 years. Our Learn to Swim Program is well developed and widely regarded for developing a strong technique in all swimmers.

Our Staff are all qualified and Working with Children checked. They range in age, experience and expertise but have one thing in common. They all love teaching and the joy experienced from helping all of our students learn and gain these very valuable skills. Many Instructors come from our program as previous students and transition into fantastic teachers. They are constantly trained and developed so as to become the best instructors they can be and provide the amazing service for our Students that we are so well known for.

Our Program provides multiple levels separated by key stroke development criteria so that every swimmer in a level can learn and consolidate key building blocks before moving on to learn the next important component of their stroke.

Students are regularly reviewed and assessed to keep track of progress and skill development. Every student will learn and develop at different rates throughout various stages of their development so regular feedback is provided to ensure that everyone is in touch with the process and progress of every student.

From age 3 +

Multi level programs available.